our philosophy

an emotion is proven to be a physiological state: “associated with a wide variety of feelings, thoughts, and behaviors” – our role is to arrest expressions and preserve them in a medium that can be enjoyed endlessly.  as each emotion is subjective to experiences, and experienced from an individual point of view, we believe that you have one chance to capture that moment… and when you do, the result is a timeless, story-telling piece of art – speaking louder than any collaboration of words.

this bestows purpose to our style of candid, photojournalistic, documentative coverage – it’s raw, real and reliable! we believe in capturing true emotion that is not fabricated, forced or fashioned.  our approach to seizing the moment is to allow it to happen and watch it unfold - we truly believe in providing ‘on the spot’ coverage, that will allow for you to look back and relive your experiences with all the emotions, passion, and pride of your special day – as it really was.

in order for us to capture ‘your’ real moment, we need to know who you are, what you’re about and the things that matter to you. So we boast our boutique status, as it allows us to really focus on the limited amount of couples we share experiences with; providing a product that is YOUniquely You.